Teaching Portfolio

I teach these subjects at La Trobe University (School of Social Sciences):

Fundamental Concepts of Legal Studies (Semester II, 2011;  Semester I, 2012)
Law & Development in Comparative Perspective (Semester II, 2012; Subject Coordinator)
Research Methods in Legal Studies and Politics (Semester I, 2012; Subject Coordinator)
Introduction to American Politics (Semester II, 2012; interim lecturer)

I taught the following courses as instructor of record at Tulane University (Department of Political Science):

Andean Politics (Fall 2009)
Central American and Caribbean Governments (Spring 2011)
Comparative Constitutionalism (Spring 2010)
Comparative Judicial Politics (Fall 2009)
Comparative Politics (Fall 2008, Spring 2009 – Fall 2010)
Latin American Governments (Fall 2008 – Fall 2010)
Research Methods (Fall 2010)
Law, Politics, and Society (Spring 2011)
The Rule of Law in Latin America (Spring 2009)

I also taught Constitutional Law (Civil Liberties) and Latin American Politics at the University of South Carolina, Columbia (Summer 2008).