Work in Progress

SELECT WORK IN PROGRESS (Single and Co-Authored)

Informal Networks in Judicial Systems in the Global South (Convenor), with Bjoern Dressel, (ANU), and Alexander Stroh (Bayreuth).  Workshop co-hosted at the Australian National University in March 2015.  Currently co-editing special issue with International Political Science Review.  Includes submission of the co-authored article (Dressel and Stroh):  “Towards a Relational Perspective in Judicial Politics beyond Western Democracies”

“Populist Constitutionalism in Latin America: Tales from Bolivia, Ecuador, and Venezuela.”  With Martin Mendoza-Botelho (Eastern Connecticut) and Angelica Bernal (UM-Amherst).

“Courts under Authoritarian Rule:  A look at the Venezuelan Supreme Court under 21st Century Socialism (2007-2014)”

“Chief Justices in Clientelist Regimes: Assessing the Venezuelan Case in Comparative Perspective”

“Courts as Tools of Illiberal Governance: Lessons from Turkey and Venezuela.” With Oz Susler (La Trobe Law) and David Tittensor (Deakin).